FNAF - Sister Location Nights 2

Play FNAF - Sister Location Nights 2

Things are really getting out of hand now! The security equipment is on the fritz, the lights are out and there’s no telling what’s roaming the halls. How long will you survive in this terrifying online game?When you enter the code the game will start. Like in all FNAF games, in this one your task will be to survive the night. Avoiding being jump scared by animatronics that will try to reach your room. You can also use voices of animatronics by using Spacebar. In that way you can chase animatronics that are close by. You can enjoy listening all kind of different animatronic voices. As always, avoid getting caught by robotic animatronics that will try to reach you and kill you on the spot. Always keep your eyes open and check both sides of your room from time to time.Much fun! Join now!


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